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Care Quality Commission

letter-head-master-outstanding Dr Chandra & Partners are pleased to announce that we have achieved and overall rating of ‘Outstanding’ following the publication of our inspection report on the 4th August 2016.

Dr Chandra is the Senior Partner and Registered CQC Manager and we are celebrating his 25 years’ service in the Practice this year. In addition he is the Cancer Lead for the North Kirklees Clinical Commissioning Group and the Local Medical Committee Secretary.

Dr Chandra, his Partners and Managers say –

“We are very proud of our Teams achievement especially to achieve ‘Outstanding’ ratings across so many categories which is quite overwhelming. We have had to work extremely hard post-merger in April 2014 to successfully integrate our new patients’ whist also continuing to develop and invest in our service provision and our personnel. We have enormous loyal and committed support from our Patient Participation Group (PPG) and they are invaluable individuals to us and form an important part of our overall Team. In addition our Patients have also been very supportive of all of our developments and changes over these past few years, indeed they often tell us how proud they are to patients at the Practice”

Post-merger the support for us has been non-existent and with funding cuts in addition our results are even remarkable and mean even more to us. The clinical challenges for the team have been significant and to turn this round in just 24 months is nothing short of a herculean effort by the Clinical and non-clinical support teams.

These are just a few of the many areas that the CQC were impressed with

  1. Many Clinical care initiatives such as caring for patients closer to home the practice responded to the high prevalence of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) by our qualified Lead respiratory Nurse to provide spirometry clinics; share care substance misuse clinics and being a pilot Practice with successful patient outcomes for the clarity project.
  2. Designated ‘Safe Places Practice’ supporting the ‘Safe Places Scheme’ for vulnerable patients in Kirklees
  3. The practice has a very engaged patient participation group which influences and supports practice development and has been highly proactive acting on the NHS Friends and Family Feedback suggestion.
  4. We have introduced non-clinical patient champions to help, support and sign post patients’ to support care such as Dementia, Learning Disability and Carers; our ‘Carers Champion’ Justin Wood – Reception Supervisor has been awarded the ‘Carers Champion Achievement for 2016’.
  5. The Practice has signed up to the Dementia Alliance Action and is an accredited Dementia Friendly Practice.

The Practice and its Team Members have signed up to the National ‘Sign up to Safety Campaign’ and as part of the 2016/2017 Practice Plan themed as our Year of Safety.

Practice Results:  Published  4TH AUGUST 2016 – you can view the full report by clicking on the link at the bottom of the home page on this website.

Lynne Bolton – Practice Development Manager.

Professor Steve Field, Chief Inspector of General Practice, said:

  1. “After reporting on more than 6,000 inspections we have found that most care is good –  The total number of practices rated Outstanding is now 178”

Dr Chandra, Partners & Team at North Road Suite are now one of only 178 Practices in England rated as ‘Outstanding’ and the final rating below from the CQC shows our true extent of our achievements.

SafeEffectiveCaringResponsiveWell-ledOverall population group
Older peopleOutstandingGoodOutstandingOutstandingOutstandingOutstanding
People with long term conditionsOutstandingGoodOutstandingOutstandingOutstandingOutstanding
Families, children and young peopleOutstandingGoodOutstandingOutstandingOutstandingOutstanding
Working age people and the recently retiredOutstandingGoodOutstandingOutstandingOutstandingOutstanding
People in vulnerable circumstancesOutstandingGoodOutstandingOutstandingOutstandingOutstanding
People experiencing poor mental healthOutstandingGoodOutstandingOutstandingOutstandingOutstanding
Overall Key QuestionOutstandingGoodOutstandingOutstandingOutstanding
Overall locationOutstanding

Practice Rating

NRS overall rating NRS detailed ratings



Previous information about the CQC processes.

All GP Practices and other Primary Medical Services have to be registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) by April 2013, under the Health and Social Care Act 2008. The registration process for Dr N Chandra & Partners at North Road Suite is now complete and our application has been accepted.

Our Registered Manager is
Dr. N. Chandra MB BS FRCS D. Occ. Med MRCGP.
Senior Partner and Clinical Lead.

All Practices will have a validation visit by the CQC . Once we know of the date of our validation visit we will invite some of our Patient Participation Group members to join us so that they can observe the processes and outcomes. The Practice website will be updated as we have information to share in due course.

From april 2015 two new regulations have been introduced by the CQC:

Regulation 20: Duty of candour & Regulation 20A: Requirement as to display of performance assessments.

The first introduces a statutory duty of candour (Regulation 20)3.

The second introduces a requirement for providers to display their CQC rating (Regulation 20A).

The aim of Regulation 20, statutory duty of candour, requires registered persons to be open and honest with the people who use their service when something goes wrong with their care or treatment. When a specified safety incident has occurred in respect of care provided, the regulation sets out a clear set of legal duties on registered providers about how and when to notify people using their service (or their relevant representatives) about those safety incidents. The regulation also describes when notifications about safety incidents need to be made to CQC.

The Practice follows the regualations contained in the Duty of Candour under the Practice Policy of ‘Bening Open’.

The aim of Regulation 20A, the requirement to display performance assessments, is to require providers who have received a CQC rating to display it conspicuously at their premises and on their website. (As we have not yet had a CQC assessment the Practice cannot yet publish a rating -however will do so when this has been awarded).


Click on the attached PDF document to read more about the Processes and how this benefits Patients and the Practice.

(Information will be updated for Patients as we complete each stage of the processes required)

You can access our Practice Profile on the CQC website by following this link:

The CQC have produced booklets detailing what standards you have a right to expect from the regulation of your GP Practice. You can also download them in the following languages and formats in PDF files. If any patient requires this information in tape or brail versions please contact Lynne Bolton – Practice Development Manager or Rachael Atkinson – Information and Data Officer on 01924 351632 and ask for Rachael on ext: 1816.