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Click on the links for health information and guidance for you and your family.

Babies and Children

  COVID 19 ADVICE FOR PATIENTS WITH AN UNWELL CHILD covid19_advice_for_parents_when_child_unwell_or_injured_poster   IMPORTANT  INFORMATION FOR PARENTS OF CHILDREN WHO HAVE ASTHMA Reminder: Significant increase in hospital A&E attendances for asthma ... [continue] Babies and Children

Find NHS services near you

Are you in need of a local dentist, optician, or a pharmacy? Find an NHS service easily by entering your postcode in the NHS service locator widget on this page.

Find your NHS number

Your NHS number is a 10 digit number, like 485 777 3456. It is on any letter you receive from the NHS. You do not need to know your NHS ... [continue] Find your NHS number

Leaving School or going to College or University?

Whatever you do next, get your Men A,C,W & Y vaccination – it could save your life. This vaccination helps protect you from four types of meningitis and blood poisoning ... [continue] Leaving School or going to College or University?

Mens Health – lets talk

North Road Suite Team Supporting Military Veterans and the Armed Forces Covenant The Armed Forces Covenant is regarded as the ‘contract’ between the populations of the UK, the Government and ... [continue] Mens Health – lets talk

National Unplanned Pregnancy Advice

National Unplanned Pregnancy Advisory Service – NUPAS – One of the leading abortion care, advice and support providers in the UK We provide a safe and trusted service to ensure ... [continue] National Unplanned Pregnancy Advice


NHS App is a simple and secure way to access a range of NHS services on your smartphone, tablet or computer. You can use the NHS app to: Get your ... [continue] NHS App

NHS Health A to Z

Look up information about different conditions and treatments using the NHS Health A-Z widget on this page.

NHS Live Well

Please use the NHS widget on this page for information and advice on healthy living.

NHS video library

There are lots of information and advice videos on the NHS YouTube channel. The service is provided to help you make choices about your health, from lifestyle decisions about things ... [continue] NHS video library

Self Care – local information

Looking after your mental health Having good mental health helps us relax more, achieve more and enjoy our lives more. There are simple things we can all do to look ... [continue] Self Care – local information


SEPSIS is a rare but serious complication of an infection. Without quick treatment, sepsis can lead to multiple organ failure and death. SEPSIS is a rare but serious complication of ... [continue] SEPSIS

Support for Patients who are end of life and their carers

The Practice Team at North Road Suite have signed up to deliver the ‘Daffodil Standards’ to provide care for and support patients as they approach the end of their life ... [continue] Support for Patients who are end of life and their carers

Teens and Young Adults

These pages are designed for young people who want to find out more about: The yOUTh Service is funded by the Big Lottery Fund and works across all of Kirklees ... [continue] Teens and Young Adults

Useful contacts

NHS 111 SERVICE – CALL FREE 111 (FREE FROM MOBILES AND LANDLINES) ACCIDENT & EMERGENCY CARE – 01924 816099 MID YORKS HOSPITALS – 0844 8118110 WALK-IN-CENTRE (DDH) – 01924 542695 CHOOSE AND BOOK – ... [continue] Useful contacts

Who should I see?

We try to keep our GP appointments for patients with more serious health problems. Before you book an appointment to see a doctor please consider whether an appointment with a ... [continue] Who should I see?

Cancer Screening

Cervical Cancer Screening (Smear test) Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust has produced a new video for women and people with a cervix who are invited to cervical screening, and for GP ... [continue] Cancer Screening

Useful local contacts

West Yorkshire and Harrogate Suicide Bereavement Service Compassionate support for people bereaved by suicide Has someone you cared about ended their own life? You are not alone. NHS England has ... [continue] Useful local contacts

Information for Carers

  North Road Suite at Ravensthorpe Health Centre is now Part of the Kirklees Safe Places Scheme What is the Kirklees Safe Places scheme? The Safe Places scheme is to ... [continue] Information for Carers

Self referral for victims of rape

SARC Services For males and females aged 16 and over Incident happened within past 7 days Across West Yorkshire Information to assist decision making Access to Forensic Medical Examiner No ... [continue] Self referral for victims of rape

Domestic Abuse where to turn

You can speak to any member of our team in the Practice  about Domestic Abuse we are here to help and support you. Dr Chandra and Dr Sharmala are the ... [continue] Domestic Abuse where to turn

Date published: 4th June, 2019
Date last updated: 17th May, 2023