Non-NHS services

The NHS does not pay for some of the services we provide. These include private sick notes, insurance forms, holiday cancellation forms, medical reports, fitness to travel certificates, private prescriptions and some vaccination services. Our fees for these services are displayed in the surgery.

Certificates (signing)
Any simple Certificate/To whom it may concern FROM £18.00 (PLEASE ASK BEFORE YOU LEAVE)
More Complicated Certificates  £22.00 to £46.00
Private Sick Notes  £15.00
Private Prescription  £15.00
Certificate of Incapacity (employment)  £15.00
Sickness/Accident Claim Form £25.00
Lasting Power of Attorney Form £60.00
Letters (To Whom It May Concern):-
Patients – taking medication abroad £10.00
Patients – to confirm they are registered £10.00
Patients – more complex letters requiring medical history / extract from records etc. £15.00
Data Protection Act
Copies of computerised Medical Records  £10.00
Photocopies of Manual Records @ 35p per sheet  £50.00
Full Medical with Report  £95.00
Report only  £95.00
Elderly Driver  £95.00
Taxi Driver with Medical  £95.00
HGV with Medical  £95.00
Racing Driver  £95.00
 Seat Belt Exemption  £95.00
Medical Reports without Examination  £65.50
Medical Report with Examination £120.00
Army Report  £65.00
Shot Gun Character Reference  £70.00
Medical Examinations
Full Medical Exam with Report or Certificate  £120.00
Pre-employment Medical with Report  £120.00
School / University
School Fees Insurance Claim Form  £46.50
Fitness to attend Medical and Report  £30.00
Report only £20.00
Sports Fees
Fitness Exam/Certificate for Regulatory Body £65.00
Extract from records (fitness statement) £35.00
Fitness to Travel Certificate £15.00
Holiday Cancellation Certificate £25.00
More complicated Cancellation Certificate £22.00 to £46.50
ACWY Vaccination including Certificate  £40.00
Vaccination Certificate £13.00