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New Service for Patients who need support towards work

At North Road Suite we have a new service for patients who may be struggling to find work, feel they cannot find work due to their health condition, or mental health. Some patients may be low in confidence, low self esteem, lack skills or have a learning disability and don’t know where to turn. If you are a patient who is experiencing

Sumayya and Andrea are ‘Patient Coaches’ and they work for the Department of Work and Pensions. They have connection to many activities and support networks.

Perhaps you would like to learn something new; join in a new activity; improve their maths and/or English skills, join a group at the local Community Centre; improve your computer or other digital skills; or maybe a volunteer? Write a CV?
Do you have learning difficulties, a disability or long term health condition and would like support in moving forward into a job or other work?
Are you at risk of losing your job due to your health? Would you like to know about support through ‘Access to Work’ or ‘Fit to Work’ ?

We can work with a range of local organisations who can offer support.
We can signpost you to support organisation such as MIND, Mencap and many more local organisations.

We can talk about Volunteering options and Work Experience/Movement to Work.
We can refer to courses to help with Information Technology and build digital knowledge and capabilities.
If you are claiming a benefit, we can explain the journey of their claim and help ease any worries about the Job-centre/DWP interviews and how your Job Centre Work Coach can support you.

Do you want to work?
Do you want to build your confidence?
Do you want to reduce your fears and start moving towards work?
Do you want to overcome any barriers moving to or remaining in work?
Are you worried about losing your job due to your health condition?
Ask your GP , Healthcare Professionals, or at Reception to make an appointment to see a Patient Coach. They will be in the Practice every Wednesday 10 am to 2 pm

Or contact Sumayya or Andrea on
07584 155390 or 07557 489802
Patient Coach’s are here to help and support you with your journey towards work.
If you answered yes then we can help.

You can download an information and appointment flyer below

patient coach appointment and information sheet

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