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North Road Suite Team Supporting Military Veterans and the Armed Forces Covenant

The Armed Forces Covenant is regarded as the ‘contract’ between the populations of the UK, the Government and all those who serve or have served in the UK armed forces and their families. The Covenant notes that the armed forces fulfill a responsibility on behalf of the population and the Government, sacrificing some civilian freedoms, facing danger and, sometimes, suffering serious injury or death as a result of their duty. Families also play a vital role in supporting the operational effectiveness of the armed forces. In return, the Covenant states that the whole nation has a moral obligation to the members of the armed forces together with their families.

Those who serve in the armed forces, whether regular or reserve, those who have served in the past, and their families, should face no disadvantage compared to other citizens in the provision of public and commercial services. Special consideration is appropriate in some cases, especially for those who have given most such as the injured and the bereaved.

Veterans should receive priority treatment where it relates to a condition which results from their service in the armed forces, subject to clinical need.

Those injured in service, whether physically or mentally, should be cared for in a way which reflects the nation’s moral obligation to them whilst respecting the individual’s wishes. For those with concerns about their mental health, where symptoms may not present for some time after leaving service, the ambition is that they should be able to access services with health professionals who have an understanding of armed forces culture.

If you are a military veteran please let us know and with your permission we will flag your record so that health care professionals treating you know you have served in the armed forces, or are part of the wider armed forces community (family, reservist, etc. This will help you as our patient to obtain better access to the full breadth of NHS services; including some that are specifically focused on this cohort (e.g. the Reserves Medical Assessment Programme). It may give access to specific veteran-focused funding (e.g. prosthetics or mental health) and further charitable services (e.g. mental health). So please let us know next time you are in the Practice – ask to speak to any of our senior team members in Patient Services or let your health care professional know next time you see them. please do not hesitate to speak to your GP or any of our team for support, help or advice.

Veterans: NHS mental health services

Mental illness is common and can affect anyone, including serving and ex-members of the armed forces and their families.

While some people cope by getting support from their family and friends, or by getting help with other issues in their lives, others need clinical care and treatment, which could be from the NHS, support groups or charities.

Although it’s completely normal to experience anxiety or depression after traumatic events, this can be tough to deal with.

Furthermore, the culture of the armed forces can make seeking help for a mental health problem appear difficult.

You can access more information by following this link:

The NHS provides dedicated mental health services for those who have served in the British Armed Forces – the Veterans’ Mental Health Transition, Intervention and Liaison Service (TILS) and the Veterans’ Mental Health Complex Treatment Service (CTS).

Available across England, both services are provided by specialists in mental health who have an expert understanding of the Armed Forces.  The TILS is a dedicated outpatient service for serving personnel approaching discharge from the Armed Forces and veterans who are experiencing mental health difficulties.  The CTS is an enhanced outpatient service for ex-forces who have military related complex mental health difficulties that have not improved with previous treatment.

Access to both of these services is through the TILS. Individuals can contact the service direct or ask to be referred via your GP or a military charity

you can access more information on the NHS website at

You can download a useful leaflet here: 673_NHS_Veterans_Mental_Health_leaflet_S23_Online_for_web

You can find out more on NHS website here

Andy’s Man Club

Andy’s Man Club was set up in July 2016 after the sudden and tragic suicide of Andy Roberts, to allow men a space to go and talk. A place for them to share their issues before they spiral out of control.The group is a free, non judgmental, no referral service open to any man over 18 who may need the opportunity to talk and get things off his chest. There is also no signing in.

You can access the main website follow this link

Follow this link to where you can meet including locations in Dewsbury and Huddersfield.

You can download the flyer here: andys mens club flyer