5 reasons to get your child vaccinated against flu – vaccination appointments are now available




Vaccination clinic appointments have commenced for all children in an ‘at risk’ category for example have a medical condition that makes them more vulnerable to infection and who may become more ill and possibly seriously ill if they contract the flu virus than fit and well children with no medical conditions.

We are currently contacting the parents of all children in the ‘at risk’ groups first; however, you don’t have to wait for us to contact you – you can call in to the surgery or ring the surgery to book your child’s appointment on 01924 351520 and select option 1 from the welcome menu.

Here are some useful links and additional information to help parents make an informed choice about having your child vaccinated and download this patient information leaflet: Protecting_your_child_against_flu_leaflet

You can visit  

just click on the link below for the full information


Does the nasal vaccine contain pork?

Yes, the nasal spray contains a highly processed form of gelatine  (porcine gelatine), which is used in a range of essential medicines.

The gelatine helps to keep the vaccine viruses stable so that the vaccine provides the best protection against flu.

Read more about how and why porcine gelatine is used in vaccines (PDF, 76kb).

 we will also be offering the Nasal Flu vaccination as part of the national programme to all 2 and 3 year old children who are fit and well and do not fall in the the ‘at risk’ category above.

We will be holding those vaccination clinics in November, however, if parents wish their child to be protected now just call the surgery to make and appointment with the Practice Nurse for the ‘Nasal Flu Vaccination’.